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Dear 80s film aficionado,

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice many hours in front of the television to screen movies great and awful for you. But we did it because we are passionate about movies from one of the best decades ever.

You may see us as you want to see us. In the simplest terms. The most convenient definitions.

But what we found out is that each one of us possess a little bit of Marty McFly...and Maverick...and Frances (Baby) Houseman...and Daniel Larusso...and Andie Walsh. We hope this helps you understand us a little better.

Sincerely yours,

The Dorks


The Host with the Most

Josh “2cents” Miely

2cents leads the ragtag group of 80s cinema aficionados by offering thought-provoking questions and guiding the group through witty repartee. Fond of saying he was made in the 70s and born in the 80s, 2cents has a wealth of 80s film knowledge which he attributes to his childhood home being one of the first on his block to feature HBO and a VCR.

Josh's Featured Episodes:
Episode 17 – Predator
Episode 32 – Christmas Vacation
Episode 37 – E. T. the Extra Terrestrial

The Dorkettes

Hip to Be Square Heather
With a sultry voice and opinions that add expansive depth to conversations, Hip to Be Square Heather reminds everyone how endearing a woman who knows her movies can be. Whether debuting a new character impersonation, regaling a tale from an 80s summer spent in upstate New York or simply giving one of the Dorks a hard time, H2BSH always knows how to get crucial.

Heather's Featured Episodes:
Episode 21 – Footloose
Episode 28 – Weird Science
Episode 45 – The Muppets Take Manhattan

Thin Izzy
Madonna meets Carrie Bradshaw best describes Thin Izzy, the thinnest and most jovial member of the cast. With an expansive imagination and a background in literature, it’s no wonder this redheaded starlet pipes up when talk turns to the more literary focused titles. Ever adventurous, Thin Izzy relishes the opportunity to bring the perspective of a first time viewer to certain episodes.

Izzy's Featured Episodes:
Episode 4 – The Neverending Story
Episode 18 – Back to School
Episode 56 – Dead Poet’s Society

An avid mall theater moviegoer during the decade of excess, J-Squared fancies herself the fashionista of the group when she gets behind the mic. Offering eloquently fun-loving barbs at the fashion faux paus of yesteryear is second only in her heart to dutifully drooling over the righteous six packs on display by some of the hunks peppered throughout the featured films on the podcast.

J-Squared's Featured Episodes:
Episode 13 – Top 10 Summer Movies
Episode 14 – Top Gun
Episode 62 – St. Elmo’s Fire

The Dorks

My Main Man G
Born in India and spent a large portion of his childhoold in Nepal, though well after Marian Ravenwood’s tavern burnt down, G grew up in America and upon discovering All the President's Men, aspired to be a journalist. So it’s no wonder he often brings retrospective essays with him to the discussions. Don’t let his intellectual exterior fool you however, this most excellent dude is still a goofball at heart.

G's Featured Episodes:
Episode 18 – History of the World: Part I
Episode 20 – The Untouchables
Episode 52 – Adventures in Babysitting

Mix Master Mike
The heart of the podcast! Mix Master Mike is a student of film and pop culture history who is always quick to relay little known facts he has unearthed over a lifetime of theater going. His cinematic intellect in only overshadowed in those rare instances when he lusts over a bodacious 80s vixen…like BOOF from Ten Wolf.

Mike's Featured Episodes:
Episode 2 – Back to the Future
Episode 26 – Teen Wolf
Episode 55 - Ghostbusters

The Groovy Guests

Terror Dome Tony
The podcast’s resident horror expert, Terror Dome Tony’s affinity for gratuitous gore began at the tender age of four when his aunt took him to the drive-in to see the original Friday the 13th and he loved it. Affectionately known as the macabre angel, anytime conversations point to that of primal fear or bloodthirsty dismemberment, Terror Dome Tony transforms into a creepy puppet master, taking the podcast to places it never dreamed of going.

Tony's Featured Episodes:
Episode 24 – Top 10 B-Horror Films
Episode 33 – The 12 Kills of Christmas
Episode 60 – Top Ten Horror Movie Villains

Michelle to the Max
At home in the food court at the mall just as much as on the range, Michelle to Max is a special blend of valley girl and action star. Fact: she owns a pink handgun and is proud of it. Fact: she’s carried it around in a Prada purse on multiple occasions. With an infectious laugh and an always thoughtful opinion, Michelle to the Max never ceases to entertain and educate when she makes an appearance.

Featured Episodes:
Episode 1 – Sixteen Candles
Episode 13 – Dirty Dancing
Episode 42 – Can’t Buy Me Love

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