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Episode Air Date: October 12, 2014
Film Release Date: April 24, 1983

Often considered a seminal film in the modern day horror movie genre, The Evil Dead offers a relatively straightforward plot: A group of five friends travels to a cabin in the woods for a weekend, and upon discovering and reciting passages from a Sumerian "Book of the Dead," unleash a slew of flesh-possessing demons.

Often campy, overly bloody and made on a shoestring budget, this horror classic serves as a template for many films that followed in the 80s, 90s and even today.

The Dorks and Dorkettes are joined this week by a very special guest, Terrordome Tony, who lends his expertise in the matter of all things gory. Listen in and tell us if you think the original Evil Dead still resonates with you, or if you think the gore and blood was too over the top for your tastes.

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